Incident Report #80 2008

Sun, 12th October 2008, 13:10

A man sustained a head injury in a fall on Jacks Rake. He was treated by team members, assisted by two team members from Bowland Pennine MRT and then assisted to the top of the Rake and then stretchered down to Stickle Tarn, from where he was airlifted to hospital by the RAF. We were also assisted by Kendal MRT with the stretcher carry

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Incident Report #22 2008

Thu, 3rd April 2008, 19:00

A party climbing Jack's Rake came across an abandoned rucsac, with a hot flask and no identification with it. Concerned that someone may have fallen, they informed the Police. We searched around the area, but found nothing. In addition, some people camping at the tarn and who had been there since mid-afternoon, were questioned and reported seeing nothing. The bag is now in the care of the Police, awaiting its owner to claim it.

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Incident Report #30 2004

Mon, 17th May 2004, 14:34

A man in his 20s blacked out and fell a short distance, breaking his arm badly in the process. Because of the inaccessible position and the black-out, a helicopter and Kendal MRT were called to assist. Langdale team members were making their way to the site on foot when the helicopter arrived. It picked up some Kendal team members from the valley and flew them up. A couple had been winched out when the helicopter rotor clipped the crag, causing serious damage, and causing the helicopter to pull away and land very heavily in Mickleden.

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Incident Report #27 2004

Wed, 5th May 2004, 14:36

Three men were caught in a rockfall in Kilnshaw Chimney. One was uninjured, but a second received injuries to his hand and a third to his knee and shoulder. They were treated and evacuated with help from Kendal MRT.

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Incident Report #24 2004

Wed, 14th April 2004, 16:45

A 29-year-old man became cragfast on Jack’s Rake. He phoned for help and we rescued him. This coincided with an open evening with about 60 people visiting the base.

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Incident Report #19 2004

Sat, 10th April 2004, 13:20

A 43-year-old man fell approximately 40 feet from the lower section of Pavey Ark. He sustained head injuries, a jaw fracture and a neck fracture, and lost consciousness for a while. A doctor in the group provided initial first aid, maintaining his airway. He was treated, and airlifted to Furness General Hospital. The remainder of the group, a mixture of adults and children, were escorted from the hill by team members.

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Incident Report #74 2003

Thu, 23rd October 2003, 12:10

A woman slipped while scrambling. She fell approximately 100 feet, sustaining multiple injuries including suspected pelvic fractures, possible spleen damage, multiple rib fractures, leg fractures, wrist, back and head injuries. She was treated by team members at the scene and airlifted to Whitehaven by the RAF.

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Incident Report #50 2002

Thu, 19th September 2002, 09:20

An unaccustomed early start for us when two men became cragfast in the gulley adjacent to Crescent Climb. They had mistaken the gulley for Jacks Rake, and had become stuck approximately 100ft up on near vertical grass. We climbed above them and then lowered team members down to retreive them.

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Incident Report # 2002

Tue, 27th August 2002, 17:00

Three team members were first on scene when a woman fell 40 feet from Swirral Edge. She suffered multiple cut and bruises. They helped stabilise the woman until Patterdale MRT arrived.

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Incident Report #37 2002

Thu, 15th August 2002, 16:38

A man became cragfast near the top of Crescent Climb. He was assisted down uninjured.

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