Incident Report #14 1972

Tue, 20th June 1972, 15:47

14-year-old schoolboy, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In party of 22 under a master and a 16-year-old boy. They walked from New Dungeon Ghyll along tops to Angle Tarn, on their way to Borrowdale. Turned back at Angle Tarn due to bad weather. One boy began to suffer from exposure, and was left on the tops, where, we do not know, by the master; left with him were two 14-year-old boys. No waterproof clothing left. Master unable to say where he had left them, and with a bit of luck the boy was found in Mickledon, by team members.

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Incident Report #13 1972

Sun, 18th June 1972, 13:20

Woman, aged 48 years, from Barrow-in-Furness, slipped on rocks near the outlet of Stickle Tarn, fell about 15 feet, sustaining head injuries. Brought down by team, then taken by Ambulance to County Hospital, Kendal.

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Incident Report #12 1972

Sat, 17th June 1972, 22:30

Team alerted and standing by at Low Fold, following a report that 5 people were stranded on Pavy Ark, in very heavy rain, and strong winds. These people managed to reach safety, before team left Low Fold. They had apparently been stranded from about tea time.

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Incident Report #11 1972

Fri, 2nd June 1972, 14:30

Two youths, aged 16 and 15 years, from Bradford, on a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and walking from Wasdale to Langdale. They suffered from slight exposure near foot of Stake Pass. Brought down by team, and then given a hot bath at Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. Then allowed home in the evening.

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Incident Report #10 1972

Wed, 24th May 1972, 13:40

Girl aged 13 years, from Colchester, fell whilst walking with a school party on Loughrigg Terrace. Brought down by team with suspected fracture of the left leg. Taken by Ambulance to Westmorland County Hospital. Team also assisted in helping to school coach, another girl, 13 years, from Colchester, after she had also slipped and sustained a slight injury.

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Incident Report #9 1972

Mon, 1st May 1972, 17:37

Woman aged 46 years, from Nottingham, descending from Sergeant Mann to
Stickle Tarn, when she slipped and sustained a suspected fracture of the right
ankle. Brought down by the team, and conveyed by car to County Hospital, Kendal.

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Incident Report #8 1972

Sun, 30th April 1972, 14:00

Youth aged 18 years, from Blackpool, was descending Rossett Ghyll when he
slipped and sustained severe spinal injuries, he was brought down Mickledon on the stretcher, and conveyed by Ambulance to County Hospital, Kendal. Footwear Tuf type boots with smooth soles.

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Incident Report #7 1972

Tue, 18th April 1972 (All day)

Woman aged 22 years, from Cheshire, was descending Upper Dungeon Ghyll, when she slipped and sustained a suspected fracture of the left ankle. Brought down by team. Taken by Ambulance to County Hospital. Appeared to be well clad and shod.

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Incident Report #6 1972

Wed, 5th April 1972 (All day)

Youth aged 18 years, Student, from Harrogate, was descending a short scree near Megs Ghyll, Chapel Stile, when he fell forward sustaining multiple lacerations. Brought down by team, taken by Land Rover to meet Ambulance, for County Hospital, Kendal.

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Incident Report #5 1972

Sun, 26th March 1972 (All day)

Man, aged 31 years, from Leeds, was walking with a companion in Trout Ghyll, Great Langdale, about 1 p.m. when he slipped and fell, sustaining a fracture of the left ankle. He was brought down the fell, and conveyed to the County Hospital, Kendal. (Walking on fell footpath).

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