Two upcoming fundraising events

Posted on Wed, 17/10/2012 - 21:59

Mary McCormick is raising funds for LAMRT and Bowland Pennine MRT through a sponsored walk on the ‘Discover Challenge: trek the Himalayas from Pokhara to Kathmandu’.

Mary is 74 years old, a keen walker and loves a challenge. Three years ago she went through surgery to remove half of the left lung due to lung cancer. This makes climbing in the Himalayas a real challenge for her.

She says that she has great admiration for Mountain Rescue teams wherever they are, as she has had experience of being brought down a mountain in France on a skiing accident.

The fact that the MR teams are volunteers is very dear to her heart as she has been a volunteer herself with V.S.O (Voluntary Service Overseas) and knows what a huge commitment volunteering can be.

Please give generously in appreciation of MR teams everywhere, they are worth it.

Donations can be given direct by pressing our Charity Choice button and nominating Mary in the appropriate column. Please choose the gift aid option if you are eligible and we will give half the total sum to BPMRT.…

If you want to do something that involves getting active yourself, then this might suit you: Proceeds of this event are being split between ourselves and Coniston MRT:
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