Incident Report #23 2010

A group of three young men became stranded when one of them finally succumbed to a knee injury sustained earlier in the day. It had swollen horribly and he could no longer walk. Team members originally intending to look for the victims of rescue 22 were diverted to this incident while the previous search continued. The young man was treated and stretchered off the hill, and then sent on to hospital in his friend's car. Team members from this rescue quickly refueled on hot chocolate and generic chocolate covered caramel and nougat bars and set off again to join the ongoing search. All safely in bed by 3am. One thing mountain rescue does is get you to places and at times you might never normally consider. On this occasion we witnessed a temperature inversion, with the clouds in the valley glowing orange from street lights. Very spooky! Add to this an amazing view of the stars, where else would you want to be? Oh, yes, bed, I remember now! Sadly, attempts to photograph this failed due to the limitations of camera phones

Man Hours
11 team members for 3.25 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID