Incident Report #22 2010

Two young women reported themselves benighted and very uncertain as to where they were. A search was being organised and a couple of team members who were just about to start climbing on Pavey Ark were requested to make a preliminary check of the area, since the two women had seen lights and it seemd likely that it was them approaching the crag. While this was happening a second incident occurred (see below). The search continued and the area became larger as it became apparent that the women were not in this area. The women were eventually located on Helm Crag. The sighting of lights was complicated by fact that it was a brilliantly clear night and you could see for miles!! Also the women were struggling in the dark and cold to take compass bearings on lights they could see. Having concluded incident 23, other team members joined the search which had moved eastwards on to Helm Crag. They were eventually located on steep groung just below the summit, and assisted off the hill, and returned to Ambleside.

Man Hours
18 team members for 6.5 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
Unique Incident ID