Incident Reports 1986

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Incident Report #40 1986

Very severe gales, hail storms and torrential rain during the night blew away tents and equipment causing 13 people to suffer from exposure. Some incredible flying by helicopters from R.A.F. Boulmer and Valley was demonstrated during the evacuation. The serious cases flow in to hospital. The rest, along with the team and equipment flown to Ambleside rugby field.

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Incident Report #24 1986

Whilst preparing to start a route a 26 year old female from Liverpool was hit and pinned to the ground when a large rockfall occured. She sustained fractures to her skull, collar-bone, arm. leg and other serious m|unes. As a "Joint Exercise" on Oakhowe Crags was taking place, the team and Bowland-Pennine M.R.T. responded to the alert. She was lowered 40' to a flat area and a helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer winched up and flew the casualty to Whitehaven Hospital.

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Incident Report #1 1986

The team assisted Kendal M.R.T. when a serious multiple casualty situation occured at the head of Kentmere. Blizzards, ice and fresh deep snow hampered the night operation. Casualties from both groups located in the early hours and eventually flown to hospital by R.A.F. helicopters from Boulmer and Valley. Assisted by other Lakes teams and RAF. Linton and R.A.F. Stafford M.R.T.s.

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