Tongue Gill

Incident Report #33 1977

A 57 year old female from Newcastle-under-Lyme slipped on a path at Tongue Gill, Grasmere. She sustained a fractured ankle. The team carried her down the fell on a stretcher, and then by ambulance to hospital in Kendal, Footnote: This lady had all the right equipment — a genuine accident Weather conditions: Overcast, dull, rain at times. Very wet underfoot
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Incident Report #26 1977

A 12 year old school boy from Washington, Durham, collapsed with a virus infection at Tongue Gill, Grasmere. He was carried down the fell on a stretcher and then to hospital in Kendal by ambulance. Footnote: Yet another very good group who did everything right when faced with a serious problem on the fells. Weather conditions: Dull, dry, clear. Dry with wet patches underfoot.
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