Incident Report #80 2010

While trying to locate casualty no. 79 we were led to this boy, part of the same group. After waiting in the ghyll with his injured friend, and having been left without adult supervision while their instructor tried to raise the alarm, this boy had descended the ghyll with part of the group, but had fallen in, got very wet and had been briefly unconscious. He was treated by team members and taken to Ambleside to be checked by a doctor. Group leader expressed their disatisfaction with this arrangement, but the apararent haphazard nature of their planning, and an obvious lack of 'soft skills' led us to believe that they were best not consulted in the matter. This group were part of a large organised camp and subsequently we have been assured that a review of arrangements will be carried out.

Man Hours
9 team members for 2 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
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