Raven Crag

Incident Report #45 2000

A 47-year-old man was descending from a climb when he was hit by a very large boulder falling down the gulley. He sustained a very serious fracture to his lower leg. He was treated at the scene and airlifted to Carlisle Hospital by RAF Boulmer. Considering the number of people enjoying the fine weather in the area, we were lucky to not have to deal with other injured people. Sadly, we later learned that due to the severity of his injuries, his foot had to be amputated.

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Incident Report #22 1974

Female (41), of Chadwell Heath sustained head and neck injuries whilst walking at the foot of Raven Crag, Langdale, She was struck on the head by a rock dislodged by her son. The team carried her down the fell on a stretcher and she was taken to the County Hospital. Kendal. Footnote: This woman had proper equipment and footwear, but failed to realise that you cannot be too careful when people are walking above you. Weather conditions: Dull, intermittent rain, the rocks and ground were very wet.

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Incident Report #31 1979

The Team went to recover the body of a 24 year old man from Manchester who had slipped while descending the grass footpath after finishing his rock climb. He fell 200'.
Footnote: This man had "E.B.s" (a smooth soled rock boot) on which could have been the cause of him to fall. It was later learned that he was a novice climber.
Weather Conditions: Cold, Wet, Rain at times. Wet Rock.

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Incident Report #42 1978

A 21 year old man from Durham slipped and fell 80 ft while descending from after rock climb. He sustained two fractured femurs, head and spinal injuries. The Team carried him on stretcher then by ambulance to a Lancaster hospital.
Footnote: Most climbing accidents seem to happen when climbers are descending after completion of a route.
Weather conditions: COLD, RAINING, DULL, VERY WET ROCK

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Incident Report #31 1978

Two climbers — one a 27 year old man from Warwick and a 15 year old girl from Birmingham, were descending after a rock climb. They both slipped and fell 150 ft. The young girl walked away with minor injuries but the man sustained a fractured pelvis, leg injuries ans spinal injuries. He was Stretchered down by the team and then by ambulance to Kendal hospital.
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Incident Report #25 2002

While the previous incident was being dealt with, we were alerted by RAF Mountain Rescue Team members, who were climbing in Langdale, that a woman had fallen 100ft in the the Raven Crag area. They had gone to her aid. The team responded, along with members of Kendal MRT, and dealt with this incident as well. The woman, had been trying to find a way down for her family, who were walking above, when she fell. She suffered multiple injuries including injuries to her head, neck and spine. She was airlifted to hospital by the Royal Navy.

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Incident Report #53 2004

A woman in her 20s was seconding a climb when she fell off. She fell approximately 15 metres, penduluming into the crag. She sustained a serious head injury, despite her helmet, and injuries to her lower back and ankle. She was treated at the scene and airlifted to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle by RAF helicopter. Again we were assisted by Kendal MRT.

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