Incident Report #17 1979

The Team were called to assist a 56 year old man and a 54 year old woman from Ambleside who were overcome by heat?? There were other causes than 'heat' both were under Doctor's care.
Footnote: This rescue could be 'classed' as a medical problem. The lady said that the low flying Military Aircraft had frightened her which caused her to fall. On reflection this could be a possibility. The noise and the element of surprise can give one a shock. I am afraid we have not heard the last of this 'new c&use' of accidents.
Weather Conditions: Very Hot, Sunshine, Very Dry.

Incident Type

Incident Report #8 1979

The Team were called to the assistance of a 69 year old woman from Ormskirk who had fractured her lower leg. The informant took a long time to find his way down to raise the alarm — about a 1$ hour delay.
Footnote: This lady had smooth fell boots on, which could have been the cause of
her slipping.
Weather Conditions: Sunny and Warm, Mud on path, Wet grass.

Incident Type

Incident Report #15 1978

A 17 year old youth from Manchester received burns and scalds to his foot after a pan of boiling water was knocked over. He was carried down the fellside on a stretcher, seen by the Team Doctor, then taken home by his parents. Footnote: Any kind of camping stove and the utensils used in making a meal should be treated with the utmost care. Weather conditions: DARK, COLD, FINE. GROUND WET IN PLACES.
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