Ambulance assist

Incident Report #5 1984

Whilst being taken to hospital with a broken leg, a man aged 40 from the Kirkstone Pass Inn was trapped for 5 hours in his snow-bound Land Rover. The team's Land Rover, with special studded snow tyres and a "digging crew" recovered passenger and vehicle and returned both to Kirkstone Top.
Weather conditions: gale force winds, deep snow drifts, Pass road blocked.

Incident Report #24 2002

A major operation swung into action when a coach crashed through a wall at the bottom of Kirkstone Pass, tipping onto its side. There were in excess of 40 people on board, many of whom were injured, some seriously. The rescue operation involved Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Air Ambulance, ourselves and Kendal MRT. Our Lowfold base was used as a casualty clearing station were the less seriously injured were assessed by Paramedics, before being sent to appropriate hospitals. Our vehicles were used for transport.

Incident Report #24 2010

We were requested by North West Ambulance Service to assist in accessing a remote, snowbound property where a patient required urgent evacuation to hospital with a serious medical problem.

Man Hours
3 team members for 1 hour, plus Euan, staying with Grandad on his school holidays
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference